Who's Plugged In

  • Terrell Owens

    Terrell Owens

    "I don't understand why anyone woudn't get their ears molded for custom buds. You only have to get it done once!! It (the fitting appointment) took 5 minutes and it was only 10 minutes from my house. I can sleep with these things (Maesteoz / Custom iPod ® Earbuds Attachments / Bluetooth Attachments) they're so comfortable."

    Terrell Owens

  • Drew Rosenhaus

    Drew Rosenhaus

    "It fits my ear perfectly, it's a big improvement and I can hear a lot better. I use it (my phone) all day every day and it would be nice to have a second piece as a backup... I know you have my ear mold on file. The work you have done for me has made a huge difference in my everyday life, thanks."

    Drew Rosenhaus

  • Warren Sapp

    Warren Sapp

    "These things (Maestroz) don't fall out no matter what I'm doing. I love the '99' you put (laser inscribed) on the headphones. Just when I thought retirement couldn't be more relaxing!!"

    Warren Sapp

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You will be contacted within ONE business day after placing your order with the name, address & phone number of an Earsound Professional Network Associate located just minutes from your home. Earmolds will be made of your ears and then you will receive your Earsound custom product(s) within ten business days. A digital scan of your ears will be kept on file for future orders!

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