1. Is there a fitting location near me?
    Yes, we have approximately 700 locations nationwide to serve you
  2. How long does it take to receive my product(s) from Earsound?
    Your custom product(s) will arrive at your shipping address approximately 7 – 10 days after you have your ear molds made.
  3. Do I have to see a hearing healthcare professional to have my ears molded?
    Yes, Earsound will not jeopardize our standard of quality nor do we endorse the possibility of self-inflicted harm to your ears.
  4. Will the hearing healthcare professional charge me for my ear molds?
    No, this is included with your purchase!
  5. Will I have to pay for shipping?
    No, shipping is included with your purchase!
  6. What country are the products manufactured in?
    United States
  7. Do custom attachments for mp3 players come with headphones
    No, we simply make a custom fit attachment for your existing headphones.
  8. As it relates to custom headphones/monitors, what are drivers?
    Drivers are another name for speakers.
  9. I do not see the brand / model that I own but I would like to know if you can make custom attachments for what I have.
    No problem, simply drop a picture with the earbud off so that we can see the speaker. You will hear back from us via email within one business day.
  10. What is the warranty on your custom products?
    All Earsound products come with a 30 day Fit warranty in addition to a 30 day fit, 1 year material and workmanship warranty

Please email us at info@earsound.com if you have any further questions. We will respond promptly.

EASY AS ONE, TWO, THREE ! Your Personal Fitting

You will be contacted within ONE business day after placing your order with the name, address & phone number of an Earsound Professional Network Associate located just minutes from your home. Earmolds will be made of your ears and then you will receive your Earsound custom product(s) within ten business days. A digital scan of your ears will be kept on file for future orders!

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